BPTW 2021-2020 Winner

Serving Our Clients So They Can Heal Theirs.

Active Healthcare Receivables

AHR is a first party healthcare accounts receivable management firm.

Balanced Healthcare Receivables

BHR is a third-party healthcare specific professional debt collection agency.

Why Us?

We believe the “right fit” for any partnership is essential–collaborative, honest and authentic relationships are what count in today’s business environment. Our commitment to a solid partnership based on trust and honesty allow us to deliver exceptional financial results while building goodwill for our client’s patient base and community.


Determining the right fit:

Prior to engagement, our collaborative due diligence –our curiosity about goals and evaluation processes — illustrates our desire to find the “fit”.

We are privately held companies. We are not owned by private equity or public shareholders.

This means that we can take the “long-view”. This means that we can invest in the long-term success of a project for our clients.  The revenue cycle environment today, coupled with our experience, allow our clients to experience more meaningful results  and strengthen our relationship.


Find Your Balance.

Set Your Goals.


We are here to help.

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