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We believe the “right fit” for any partnership is essential–collaborative, honest and authentic relationships are what count in today’s business environment. Our commitment to a solid partnership based on trust and honesty allow us to deliver exceptional financial results while building goodwill for our client’s patient base and community.

We take pride in helping you achieve success!

Our team consists of seasoned accounts receivables management (ARM) professionals from within the healthcare ARM space. Our refined approach to service delivery has been honed over three decades of working in the ARM space for privately held and venture-backed organizations. From our experience, we have developed a keen sense of “what works”—by listening to our clients/partners to understand their needs/goals and developing a solution using our resources (expertise, technology and people) for delivery of solutions. This is what works for our clients and what works for us.

Additionally, members of our management team have all come from privately held firms sold to venture backed or publicly traded ARM firms. We have taken the “good” and omitted the “bad” approaches/mandates from these experiences. Specifically, we embrace accountability, organizational structure to scale, management expertise and metrics. We have omitted short term mandates calling for immediate profitability (i.e. cut production head count, offshore services, etc.) that are often detrimental to client satisfaction and long term client project performance.

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