Welcome to Active Healthcare Receivables, LLC (AHR) and Balanced Healthcare Receivables, LLC (BHR) – Healthcare Receivables management companies.

Our approach is simple. We engage with collaborative, honest and authentic clients looking for reasonable solutions focused on net return. We make certain that there is a “right fit” for each client expectation and what we are able to deliver while treating their guarantors with compassion and respect.

If you are a Client/Partner/Prospect: We employ dedicated resources for our clients vs. a pooled environment that many other firms use. We are privately held. Our people, culture, technology and client base combined with our results are our reference base. We are not constrained by mandates from publicly traded/private equity/venture capital entities demanding short-term profitability over service delivery. Click on our company logos below to find out more about each company.

If you are a Guarantor/Consumer: We are engaged by your healthcare provider to listen to your individual situation and help with resolution. The healthcare billing world is confusing enough, we understand that it is sometimes difficult to resolve past due obligations. Let our healthcare receivables specialists work with you in reviewing your circumstances and suggest solutions that work for you and your provider. You can contact BHR, LLC by phone (866.460.2471) and/or email us at: Click here for Consumer Resources.

We are proud to share with you our new payment methods via Apple App Store and Google Play Store as well as our automated pay-by-phone (844)205-4388, to facilitate and ease your payment process.

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